OASIS - Ocean Air Shipping Information System Software systems since 1988


The best of both worlds! 

Melco Group International's OASIS the 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System' - Powerful, tested, continually improved since 1988 client based Network system and...

oasis-web the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System' web based,  Internet driven, SQL application. oasis-web is designed to operate in the  "Cloud" and integrated  to the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping  Information System". 

  • Every OASIS site now has capability of complete overview of customers data & activity...

  • Rolodex Global Geo-Coding of addresses - Visualize Shipment activity by Continent, Country, Area, City...

  • All Shipment Transaction Activity (Bookings, Quotes, Ocean, Air, Inbound)...

  • Warehouse MR (Material Receipts... *1

  • Verified Gross Mass Certificates (VGM)... *2

  • Cargo Tracking - Customers which you have activated receive automated FedEx type tracking emails. May also have access to 'Their' shipments... *3

  • Reports - various depending if access by OASIS site or by OASIS site customer...

*1 requires module in OASIS
*2  Experimental Requires Customer Feedback
*3 Requires Tracking module

Once the cloud service is activated in OASIS, the system will activate it's webservices function in the background & transfer current and transaction data as it is updated and saved in OASIS and made available on the 'cloud'.

oasis-web - the affordable OASIS web 'cloud' component! companion

OASIS Transactions on the Cloud...

oasis-web is Login & Password secured. You control which clients may  access oasis-web. Each OASIS client is tied in  oasis-web to their unique OASIS Id (Customer Number) in your OASIS  system. Therefore EXXON cannot view TEXACO orders. Setup of "your"  oasis-web clients is painless & basically, automatic.

24/7 Real-Time Tracking

  • oasis-web tracking email

oasis-web working in the background via webservices will  automatically update oasis-web when shipment data is either entered or  updated in OASIS via the [ TRACKING ] function immediatly generating a  shipment status report emailed to the individual OASIS business partner, shipper, consignee...In order for this feature to be active:

  1. User must be activated in oasis-web
  2. do not have to login into oasis-web as emails status is autogenerated 


OASIS Rolodex (Customers, Shippers, Consignees, Carriers, business partners ) - in short the contact database from OASIS is accessible via this menu option. Multiple Ascending, Descending and optional search options allow for fast location of specific record(s).

Global View displays a World Map indicating concentration of clients by Continent / Country / Region / City utilizing Address Geocoding.

Selecting a specific Country / City displays shipment activity in that location...


Booking information, Quotations, Air, Ocean, Warehousing activity and Inbound De-Consolidation transactions are accessible via this menu option.

Search Options

  • Field level Seardh options
  • Import and export oasis-web data
  • oasis-web advanced search options
  • booking field level search options
  • oasis-web search options

Searching options include:

  • boolean operators i.e.: > greater than, < less than, starts with, does not contain...
  • shipment data by Origing to destination...
  • a specific numerical or alpha character...
and other functions...

Cargo Documents

  • oasis-web SOLAS VGM
  • oasis-web shipment detail form
  • oasis-web warehouse receipt
  • oasis-web tracking form

OASIS already produces over 40+ laser International documents. So no need to duplicate them in oasis-web. However, depending on your licensed options...

  • Shipment Details - (OASIS Site & Customers)
  • Tracking Module (for OASIS Customers)
  • Verified Gross Mass Certificate  SOLAS VGM (only OASIS Site - not Customers)
  • Warehouse Receipt  (OASIS Customers)


Available to the OASIS Site

DASHBOARD: In today’s global economy, markets drive and influence each  other. Management's ability to examine and explore various performance  metrics is facilitated via oasis-web's Reports - DASHBOARD 24/7 real-time  generation of OASIS generated Logistics shipment data facilitating  Management's ability to Drill down and compare various significant market  segments (Top Clients, Air, Ocean, Warehouse, POL, POD, Billling Activity data)  presented in multiple user selectable time frames.