oasis-web.net is the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System' web based,  Internet driven, SQL application. oasis-web is designed to operate in the  "Cloud" as an ancillary service to the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping  Information System".


It is an Integrated Logistics module web-e-fying the already extensive  OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System" integrated software suite.  In order to run oasis-web OASIS customers will require an OASIS update  above OASIS r2016.01 as the original control modules have been redesigned  and are now more accessible system wide.


oasis-web requires no extra hardware or SQL License expenditures on your  part as we provide the backbone and technology to provide this service. A  url link to oasis-web can reside on "your" web site linking to oasis-web.


oasis-web is Login & Password secured. You control which clients (Shippers, Consignees, Agents, Business partners may  access oasis-web through your OASIS System. Each OASIS client is tied in  oasis-web to their unique OASIS Id (Customer Number) in your OASIS  system. Therefore EXXON cannot view TEXACO orders. Setup of "your"  oasis-web clients is painless & basically, automatic.


oasis-web.net will be replacing the legacy OasisEtrack systems. Clients who are licensed with existing OasisEtrack systems will be ported to the updated 'cloud' module.